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Patient Reviews

Happy Patient
L. Herrick (October 2, 2018)

Dr Matthews is a genius. He saved my eye on a moments notice. His staff is very friendly and makes one feel comfortable in a fairly stressful situation. I will forever be grateful to all of them and Cone Health. Thank you!

Medical and Office Management Excellence
D. Thomas (May 15, 2018)

My local optometrist found a small retina issue on my yearly exam. Went to  Dr. Matthews and he resolved in one session. Very appreciative of Triad's medical expertise to solve my problem so quickly...before it became a much bigger problem.  I was equally  impressed with their overall office management and processing of the many patients they see in a short period of time, both on my initial visit and follow-up visit today.  Thank you so much to all at Triad Retina and Diabetic Eye Center.

Exceptional care; great experience
A. Troy (May 9, 2018)

I have received consistently outstanding treatment from Dr. Matthews and his team for over a year.  As a native of Connecticut living in Greensboro, I did not have lots of contacts in the Triad.  Fortunately, I was directed to Dr. Matthews for what turned out to be a serious, but treatable, problem. He handled the problem expertly, making me feel at ease.  Dr. Matthews also performed a follow-up surgical procedure on me that went flawlessly, and my sight has never been better.  I give Dr Matthews the highest possible endorsement.  I will be leaving the Triad soon, and I will miss being able to turn to him should I need expert care.

Great Experience
P. Harris (March 29, 2018)

I have been seeing Dr. Matthew for about eight months for macular degeneration.  He answers all of my questions in a caring manner and does not rush me. He shows me the pictures and explains what is on them.  His staff are equally caring and professional.   Once I had a question the day after an injection and my call was returned within a very short time by one of his staff and my questions answered.   I would recommend Dr. Matthews.

Great Experience
J. Ackerman (February 5, 2018)

I also went to [another physician] and needed a repair on my right eye.  Dr. Matthews fixed it and once more I could drive at night. Finally had catarac surgury and had a coating after some time on the right eye.  This past Friday he cleaned it all up and I played my best round of golf in years on Saturday as I could see the ball once more. Thanks to all.

Professional office/staff/physician
J. Hairston (October 15, 2017)

My husband has had 3 office visits and both of us have been treated so kind and professionally each visit. Explanations for all procedures were done in an expert manner by Dr. Matthews and his staff.  With the laser surgery my husband and I were put at ease and post procedure instructions left us without any questions as what to do when we left. As a retired R.N. I know the importance of making your pt. feel comfortable about their care and safety. Dr Matthews and his staff exemplified that for us.

Well Done!
C. Greaves (July 18, 2016)

Recently, after visiting with regular eye doctor, Dr. Heather Oman,I learned that I needed to see Dr. Matthews immediately for confirmation, and repair of a retina tear in my right eye. She called Dr. Matthews office where I was not only seen, but treated with laser surgery to repair the tear before the end of the day.  The caring concern for my eyes now, and in the future has been exceptional. I so appreciate the good humor, and excellent work of Dr. Matthews, as well as his wonderful staff. Well done, and thank you!

Experience with Dr Matthews
T. Lauer (April 14, 2016)

As a retired physician, I am quite aware of how a doctor interacts with patients.  Dr. Matthews has an excellent personality, relates to his patients in a professional, yet very personal manner, and his medical knowledge seems to be quite complete.  I would, without question, recommend his services to all my friends.  And, if I were still in practice myself, would refer patients as appropriate.  As to my personal health issues, I maintain full confidence in his recommendations.

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best eye doctor
T. Bennett (January 26, 2016)
on september 10th 2014 i went to randleman eye center to have my eyes checked there was leakage in my eyes dr. ablott referred me to dr. matthews 9 days later i go there they gave me a series of injections in both eyes i have going up there for over a year now the receptionists nurses and other staff i feel very happy to have dr.matthews as my eye doctor i give him an a+ rating

I Have Been Fixed
J. Ackerman (February 25, 2014)

I knew something was going south with my right eye as did my eye doctor... In I went and shortly I had been diagnosed. They did eye surgery during the same appointment and I have not felt this good in probably two years.  Thanks to all who took care of me.. it was a great experience.

KUDOS to Dr. Matthews and the Triad Retina Crew!
L. Morrison (November 14, 2013)
After 2 cataract (lens implant) surgeries I was left with intense "star pattern" and other artifacts visible in both eyes, rendering night driving impossible. With a hearty recommendation from my optometrist I saw Dr. Matthews, who promptly diagnosed the problem which had apparently been missed by at least 4 other doctors. He then performed YAG laser capsulotomies on both eyes, removing the posterior portions of the lens capsules and the defects therein. I described the effect of these procedures as "immediate and profound", allowing me normal vision for the first time in over 2 years! I took my first after-dark drive into town last night and had no problem dealing with oncoming traffic and bright city lights. Through the entire process I found Dr. Matthews to be personable, full of humor and attentive to my comments and questions, obviously caring and anxious for a positive outcome! I will give my highest recommendation to Dr. Matthews and Triad Retina to anyone seeking expert diagnostic and surgical eye care.

Making a difference in my life
A Talley (April 10, 2013)

While vacationing at the beach in June 2012, my retina tore in my dominant eye.  I had laser surgery there and was told it would take about six months to see how much my sight would improve.  At the end of four months, the distortion in my eye made all straight lines look wavy.  I went to Dr. Sally Miller, who immediately made me an appointment with Dr. Matthews.  Dr Matthews was very thorough, explaining what he saw and answering all my questions. He encouraged me to give my eye the additional months to heal but also gave me the option of having surgery to remove the scar tissue in my eye.  In January 2013, he determined that surgery was my only hope of ending the distortion.  At the hospital, I learned from the nurses and technicians that many of them and their family members went to Dr. Matthews.  Everyone spoke highly of Dr. Matthews and I felt very comfortable about his surgical skills.  He did an excellent job and my eyesight is greatly improved as is my life because of the surgery. Dr. Matthews and his staff are professional, skilled and caring people who have gone the extra mile for me.  I recommend him to everyone I know.


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